YouTube launches a new parental control in its main app


Users are getting younger and younger and not all applications are suitable for them. That is why there are versions capable of displaying the most appropriate content for their age, but it must be borne in mind that over time these users grow and the application falls short. This can be seen in the case of YouTube, where teenagers have to switch to the normal version of the app.

Parents know that entering the Internet carries risks not only for security, but also for the type of content that is displayed. For this reason, in order to maintain that control, YouTube releases supervised experiences for parents.

Stay up-to-date on what your kids are watching YouTube

Adolescents are at a stage where they are neither children nor adults. It is a difficult time, but that does not mean that they cannot be helped to develop their life. And in a current era where they are used to technology from very early on, it is necessary to maintain a little control until they know how to use all the tools they have at their disposal.

But it is also necessary to keep an eye on what is seen in entertainment applications and that is why YouTube will launch supervised experiences in the coming months. This is an additional parental control function for the social network app. As you may know, there is a feature that restricts content based on age. It takes the user’s account data as a reference and blocks the content that it cannot see even if it finds it.

However, some parents will look for added security, they want to protect their little ones from both content and privacy. According to what the company publishes on its blog, there are three levels of restriction according to age: Browse is the most standard for those up to 9 years old, for those who are 13 and older it is Explore more and Most of YouTube increases more the views up to those who are age restricted.

To give you an idea, and following the order in which we have presented it to you, children will have access to blogs, tutorials and songs, will go to live broadcasts and will end up seeing content that is somewhat more delicate but understandable for the age of Young.


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