YouTube Launches a Cheaper Premium Version


YouTube: Many of the services that work on the Internet are free to start, but they have features that can only be used if you pay. This happens especially on multimedia platforms, where viewing certain content means providing a monetary extra if you want to access it or certain functionalities. This is what happens YouTube Premium, which will now have a cheaper version.

YouTube Premium but cheaper

Back in June 2018, Google decided to open a paid YouTube section. This version, in case you did not know, allows you through a subscription to have benefits such as downloading the videos from the platforms to watch them when you have no connection, playing in the background on your mobile while you use it for other purposes and also exclusive content created by some of the celebrities born from the site. This is not to mention that you will not have ads and, if that were not enough, you will have access to YouTube Music.

Today, you can take a one-month trial and then you will have to pay about 12 euros per month. But the company has made a small change with a cheaper version that they have called YouTube Premium Lite. How much? Well, from the 12 euros that we told you previously, the service would go to almost 7 euros, so you save five euros by taking away some benefits of the standard version.

What you don’t have in YouTube Premium Lite

Maybe the price of YouTube Premium Lite is something more interesting for all those who have tried the service and liked it. But of course, a reduction in the price supposes a reduction of those benefits. According to what The Verge tells, where they point out that the service is being tested in the Nordic countries and Benelux (except Iceland), what is left out of the new subscription are the benefits of YouTube Music as well as the reproduction of content in seconds plane or downloads. Therefore, it cannot be said that the function is official at all and it will be a matter of time to know if the project to lower YouTube Premium is a success or not and extends to the whole world.

That is, as with the classic subscription, YouTube Premium Lite is associated with a Google account, which means that you can enjoy the benefits you have paid for both in the computer version and in the applications for mobile devices such as iOS and Android alike.


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