YouTube Launch Mode Picture-in-Picture for iPhone and iPad


YouTube: It’s been ten months since YouTube announced testing Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on iPhones and iPads, and the feature was finally released this Friday (18th). PiP is exclusive to YouTube Premium, which costs R$20.90 per month, and is gradually being rolled out among users.

Picture-in-Picture allows viewing of the video in a small window, giving more flexibility to the viewer, who can use other device features while watching.

If you use an iPhone or iPad and subscribe to the service, then you may have noticed the feature on YouTube at some point in the past ten months, but the option has come and gone several times from the app as it was still in beta.

Only for YouTube Premium

YouTube intends to make the news available to users free of charge on US soil. The function will work with advertisements in the window, but the viewer will not be able to hear songs in PiP. Google has not informed about the availability of the feature for users of free accounts in Brazil.

To use the mode, enter the system settings, choose the “general” option, then tap PiP and activate the automatic function. Inside YouTube, open a video and swipe your finger from the bottom to the top, going back to the home screen; the content will be in a small manipulative window.


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