YouTube Kids Became the Most Used Broadcasting App by Passing Netflix and YouTube


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people had to spend time in their homes. In this process, while internet content provided people to have fun, the most time-consuming application was YouTube Kids.

Many people stay in their homes during coronavirus days, putting themselves in quarantine to reduce the spread of the outbreak. In some countries, there is a direct curfew. In this period, people turn to internet broadcasts.

There are many different names among the broadcast platforms that people prefer. Many companies such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime serve in this area. The most popular platform is a surprise name: YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids became the most time-consuming platform
Braze, an analysis firm called Apptopia and consumer interaction platform, compiled the platforms that spent the most time in the first quarter of 2020. Braze and Apptopia compared 35 different platforms in terms of downloads, usage and gain.

Even though the exact numbers are not disclosed in the report, YouTube Kids managed to outperform their rivals like Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney + and even YouTube itself. The application was at the top both globally, in Europe and in the USA.

It is no surprise that YouTube Kids are so popular. In the period when children cannot go to school, spend time at home, many parents prefer this application where their children can have fun and learn something at the same time.

The most downloaded application was Netflix
Another noteworthy point in the report was the total number of users. While YouTube Kids was the fourth most downloaded application with 24.6 million new downloads in the first 3 months, Netflix became the top of the list with 59.1 million downloads.

The effect of quarantine applications due to coronavirus was also reflected in the usage rates of the platforms. According to Apptopia and Braze reviews, the time spent on broadcast platforms increased by 30.7%. Platforms like Disney + also increased its popularity in the same period. In general, it was observed that people turned to social media platforms to get away from their troubles.


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