YouTube Is Testing A New Look For Search Results On Desktop


YouTube is testing a new view that will allow desktop users to reach more search results at once. With this new look, search results do not appear in a vertical list, but in a grid layout, just like on the YouTube homepage.

YouTube has been working on many innovations recently to improve the user experience. The platform, which frequently presents experience surveys to its users on the homepage, is also testing some new looks and features. Finally, the platform, which has recently started testing the ‘Loop’ feature on mobile devices, which is available on desktop, is now testing an innovation regarding the appearance of search results.

With this innovation, which for now only Premium users have the chance to test and get early access, when you do a search on YouTube on the desktop, the results do not appear in a vertical column, but in a grid layout as on the homepage. YouTube made this feature to allow seeing more search results at once, so that three search results can be seen in one line. In particular, some users encountered this figure as five.

Collects user feedback:

YouTube continues to develop this innovation by collecting feedback from Premium users. Users who wish can test the trial version offered for a limited time and report back. For now, the comments from users who have tested the new look are kind of divided into two. Some users say that the feature is useful because it provides more results, while others say that they do not like it very much.

It is not clear whether the feature will undergo any changes as a result of the feedback received or whether it will be offered to all users. How did you find YouTube’s new search result view? Do you really think this new look is more useful? Do not forget to share with us in the comments.