YouTube is shutting down one more feature!


People who produced content on YouTube had the opportunity to increase their income with the support of their subscribers thanks to the Join button, which was launched in our country in the past months. Support for content producers’ videos to reach more people is not limited to money. Thanks to the Community Contributions feature, you can create subtitles for a video and pass it on to the creator, making your video understandable for different languages.

YouTube is removing Community Contributions!

As of September 28, 2020, the YouTube Community Contributions feature has been retired. Although there are multiple reasons for the decision, spam / abuse moves and poor quality of contributions are shown as the main reasons.

It is stated that the only problem is not quality, the number of people contributing to the videos is small. To explain this in numbers: Only 0.001 percent of channels used subtitles created by the community in their videos last month. These subtitles were only shown at 0.2 percent of the total watch time.

For this reason, content producers prefer to use other subtitle tools offered by YouTube instead of community contributions. There are currently three ways to add captions to videos;

1 – Subtitles uploaded by content producers
2 – Automatic captions provided by YouTube
3 – Community subtitles, also known as community contributions.

Content publishers have until 28 September to publish community contributions before the feature is removed.

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