YouTube is on the agenda with new advertising terms!


YouTube, which has been strict about advertising terms for a long time, has made some changes in ad display. With the YouTube Terms of Service update, ads will be broadcast on all channels.

YouTube is on the agenda with its Terms of Service update

As a result of the changed advertising conditions in 2018, channels that could not exceed the limit of 1,000 subscribers and achieve 4,000 hours of viewing were disabled. With the new terms of service updated today, we will also see ads on channels that do not meet the conditions.

YouTube Hizmet Şartları güncellemesi ile gündemde

YouTube’s new Terms of Service have been updated as follows;

– Face recognition restrictions: No information that could identify a person could be included in the video without the permission of the person. With the new update, facial recognition restrictions have been added to these terms.

– YouTube’s right to earn money: It was not possible to run any ads on channels that did not meet the required conditions. With the new update, YouTube will now be able to earn advertising revenue from channels that do not meet advertising requirements. While YouTube is generating revenue from ads, users who fail to meet the advertising requirements will not receive any payment.

– Copyright payments and tax withholding: Users who earn revenue from YouTube ads will pay royalties for it and payments will be calculated according to US tax laws

The changes made will be valid for US users as of November 18, 2020. Stating that similar changes will be made for other countries in 2021, the company underlined that these terms also include YouTube Kids users.

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