YouTube Increases Revenue by 83% and Moves Closer to Netflix


YouTube: Alphabet’s financial statement for the second quarter of 2021, released on Tuesday (27), brought impressive data regarding YouTube’s revenue. According to the report, Google’s video service recorded revenue of US$7 billion in the period, equivalent to R$35.5 billion per day’s share.

These earnings represent an 83% increase compared to the second quarter of last year and represent only the revenue obtained from advertising on the platform. There is also revenue from YouTube TV and YouTube Premium subscriptions, which were not disclosed.

With the quarterly revenue reported by the parent of Google, exceeding the expectations of experts, YouTube comes close to the income earned by Netflix. According to the report of the streaming service presented last week, the company registered US$ 7.34 billion (R$ 37.2 billion) in the same period.

Netflix’s revenue represents a 19.4% growth year-on-year, slower than the search giant’s video service. Another difference between the two platforms is that virtually all streaming revenue comes from subscriptions, as CNBC reminds us, while YouTube has other sources of earnings.

YouTube on TV

Another curious fact revealed by Alphabet is that people are watching YouTube more and more on TV sets. In the quarter, more than 120 million users accessed the platform on a smart TV, against 100 million in the same period last year.

Most access still happens on mobile devices and computers, but the TV is the service’s fastest-growing consumer surface, according to the report. A recent Nielsen survey showed that YouTube and Netflix are the most accessed online platforms on TVs, indicating that both will have an interesting duel in this medium as well.


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