YouTube Homepage Changed: All Details Here


The homepage view for YouTube’s website and tablet app, the world’s most popular video sharing site owned by Google, has changed. With the new look, the topics and video categories on the main page were removed, and the video visuals and channel logos grew further. So what is behind this design change, let’s look together.

YouTube is now a platform that we use more than mobile devices. However, from time to time, we want to watch videos from a computer or larger screen, such as a tablet and TV. The first time we open the site or application, we will see the recommended videos based on YouTube’s previous monitoring.

If you remember, YouTube used to collect video suggestions under a headline in its traditional design and presented content that was categorized according to the topics below. It would even highlight videos of channels that produce content similar to the channels we follow. Here we come to the end of the period for the website. There are many innovations in YouTube’s changing home design.

Here’s YouTube’s new homepage design:

As you can see from the above images, the video covers have been brought to the fore by enlarging the channel names. In addition, the channel logos are attached with their names. Recommended videos are changed every time you refresh the main page. Even if you are not a subscriber in this section, you can see the channels you have watched before.

Just below the Suggestions section is YouTube Originals content. In this part, there are movies, series and documentaries produced with YouTube support. Some of the videos can be watched for free with ads, while others are only available to paid YouTube Premium subscribers. Then a video suggestion line of 5 videos welcomes you.

The changes can be summarized as follows:
Suggestion lists related to topic, theme, channel have been removed,
Channel logo has been added under video images,
The list of suggestions has become a single category,
Trends featured in the home stream,
Status updates of subscribed channels were highlighted.


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