YouTube Has Flaws For Watching Videos and Uploading


YouTube: On Tuesday night (18), around 7 pm, as shown by the monitoring site Downdetector, YouTube users began to report usage problems. The failures were confirmed by the platform support and prevent users from uploading new videos or even watching those that are already available on the platform.

“To clarify [the situation], the problem is still ongoing and we are investigating this. We will bring more information as soon as we have an update,” the company said in a recent Twitter post.

Users affected by the problem point out that the video processing does not exceed 100% in the count during the upload. In other cases, the platform interface itself is not displayed and the videos, in turn, are not loaded. The problem, however, does not seem to affect all YouTube users.

Some users have also reported that the problem started while viewing content. In these cases, the videos reduced the quality of the 1080p playback to an increasingly lower one, until it stopped playing.

In its support account on Twitter, YouTube said it is already working on a fix.


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