YouTube generation: the role of video in education


In one way or another, video has always played an important role in education. As with several other tools, access to these contents has been facilitated with technological developments, as well as important differentials that have given them an essential character in the development of students: if they were previously taken on VHS tapes and DVDs, as well as shown on television sets. tube (pushed by teachers in classrooms), are now just a click away at each person’s home.

During the pandemic, then, because they are a main tool of Distance Learning, they have, in many cases, taken the lead. An example of this is what happened with the innovation lab Edulabzz, responsible for Toolzz, a set of applications focused on education inspired by apps like Netflix and Spotify, which saw its numbers grow by almost 340%.

In this sense, with the increase in demand and the need to keep students engaged and attentive, investing in equipment that optimizes the experience is paramount.

There is no point in a fascinating lesson if the quality of the video is low or, when opening specific platforms or even something made available on YouTube, the student encounters crashes. The development of the class will certainly be hampered.

For this reason, a dedicated graphics card and a good processor can make all the difference when it comes to studying, as well as a display that ensures that the virtual classroom gets closer to the physical learning experience – differentials that Acer delivers in its equipment.

Staying connected, engaged and informed is possible with branded devices.

Eye to eye: why is Acer ideal?

Acer offers portable lines for different audiences, such as the Swift 5 and Swift 3, notebooks designed to be transported all day with the power of NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPUs, bringing screens that offer enhanced clarity, brightness and image contrast.

The Aspire 5 also couldn’t be left out, allowing projects to be completed quickly with the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 series mobile processor, AMD Radeon graphics. The 15.6-inch thin-edged screen, then, guarantees a unique video experience.

The teacher is essential – but ensuring a quality view of what is being transmitted depends a lot on the equipment the student has at home. Betting on Acer devices is the guarantee that the YouTube generation is properly prepared for the professional future with the class quality that only dedicated equipment can offer.

So choose yours and press play.


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