Youtube forbids videos that insult race, gender or sexuality!


YouTube is trying by all means to clean up its platform. After the harassment, he is attacking another scourge now. He therefore forbids insults on race, gender and sexuality.

Youtube seems to have become a mass media. Young people are increasingly leaving TV and taking refuge on the platform. A beneficial trend that brings problems to the platform. Accessible to everyone therefore to the youngest, it must not peddle hate messages or behaviors that are not healthy. A policy carried out for years.

And if Youtube had risen against harassment, a new plague is filling the servers of the platform. Several videos promoting discriminating attitudes had emerged on the platform. Enough for many users to elevate themselves. Videos with a value judgment based on race, gender or sexuality are prohibited. A good thing that does not seem to make everyone agree.

Youtube even seems to go further. The platform wanted to make clear its point of view on the issue. And the policy that can be put in place. “We don’t want YouTube to be a place where public discourse is stifled because people are afraid of being harassed on our platform.”

For this, he intends to sanction videos that “maliciously insult someone based on protected attributes such as race, gender identity or sexuality”. The “implicit threats of violence” will suffer the same fate. A turning point that taints freedom of expression a little more on the platform. But is it necessary for the good of all? It is a debate that will have the merit of existing.

And you, what do you think of this new sanction applied by Youtube. Should freedom of expression be sacrificed on the altar of tolerance? A debate that is gaining momentum.


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