YouTube For Android Gets Looped Videos Button


YouTube app for Android is expected to get a new feature soon, which the service has been testing for a few weeks. It’s the video loop button, first found on the platform in May, according to the website Droidmaze, and which is now reaching more devices.

Present in the web version of Google’s video platform for years, the loop function allows you to play the same content indefinitely, when activated. One of the uses of the button is to play a specific song without stopping, for example, avoiding having to start the playback manually at the end of the track.

The option can be found in the three-dot menu located in the upper right corner of the screen, which appears while the user is watching content on the service. The loop button on YouTube mobile appears between the “Quality” and “Subtitles” functions.

Even though it was launched for a greater number of devices in early June, there is still no forecast when the new feature will be available to all users. There is also no release information on the feature in the iOS app.

More news on test

In addition to the videos looped in the app, YouTube’s beta version has introduced other new features recently. One of them is the “Clip” mode, with which it is possible to create video clips of up to 60 seconds from clipped excerpts from existing recordings on the platform, to share using a different link.

A new comment system linked to video clips is also being tested. The function allows you to publish and view comments on specific pieces of content, for better contextualization.

Another feature that should arrive soon on mobile devices is the “Listening Controls”, aimed at Premium subscribers of the platform, improving the user experience with YouTube Music.


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