YouTube finally lets you change the name of your channel without changing your Google account


YouTube: Everyone knows how easy it is to change the name and profile photo of a user on a social network. You can access it from the section of the configuration part of the application in question, although this conflicts with a very famous one. This is the case of YouTube, which for years has maintained a policy of calling the channel as the associated Google account, although this will change soon.

Finally, YouTube separates the profile photos from the Google Account

The personalization capabilities of a profile are for many a fundamental way to identify themselves anywhere on the Web. But in the case of YouTube we find something completely different and that is that you cannot make changes to your liking. Yes, you can, but for this you have to make changes to your Google Account. This has been going on for years, but it is a problem that prevents content creators from having a different name.

And this is important, because there are two problems that prevent a user from changing their name: the first has to do with verified channels, which if they change their name automatically lose their badge. This poses the problem for those who already have an audience as they can lose it by not having their verification. The other is less serious, but just as important.

It turns out that to change the YouTube name and photo you have to do it from your Google account as well. It is a Mountain View configuration, in such a way that the profiles are unified and it is impossible to get lost. But still this is a problem for many and it seems that Mountain View will fix it soon from what Engadget tells us.

YouTube steps

In recent months YouTube has been catching up with new trends and fixing its system. This has meant the arrival of some novelties such as the clips that have been an attempt to bring more public with functions brought from other couple apps such as Twitch. TIkTok is not released either, since Google’s video social network has a function very similar to this, although its function does not have as much pull in the video app.


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