YouTube feature tested for Android devices


While YouTube is on our agenda with the decisions made due to Corona virus, it is not empty for Android device users. At this point, the popular platform, which has rolled up its arms, is taking a hand at the display of more videos on a single screen for Android users with its newly tested feature. In this context, the new YouTube feature for Android devices is being tested.

New YouTube feature for Android devices
With the tested feature, users will now be able to see their preview videos on a larger screen. In other words, the feature that has been tested and presented to users, seems to be applicable if positive feedback is received.

Normally, while browsing your YouTube homepage, you can see small preview videos and six videos on one screen on your screen. When you added some additional informative parts on the side, you would see a small number of videos on one screen in a small way.

The tested feature is positioned exactly as follows: These videos that you have come across in discovery or on your homepage will now be presented with a larger preview. In this way, you will see two different videos in one page and you will have a bigger screen experience.

Of course, since fewer videos will be seen at once, it is a question of whether some people will like this experience. For this reason, it is not known at the moment whether YouTube, which is applying A / B testing to users, will deliver this new feature to the end user.


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