YouTube ends the 10-year tradition


Surprising news came for YouTube Rewind, which met with the audience at the end of the year. The cancellation decision has been made for the video that has been prepared at the end of each year since 2010 and includes YouTubers. The Rewind series, which has been on the agenda for a long time, will not appear in the audience this year.

Videos on YouTube receive billions of views every year. The rewind video also featured highlights and YouTubers of the year. However, the fact that 2020 was a year of diseases and disasters caused YouTube management to take a step back.

YouTube Rewind 2020 will not be prepared

Bad news came for the video series, which received millions of views every year. Even though many viewers voted for the videos by pressing the “dislike” button before, the video shooting continued. However, the fact that humanity witnessed bad events around the world in 2020 made the video platform decided not to continue this tradition.

In the announcement for YouTube Rewind 2020, it was announced that treating events as if they did not feel right. Thus, YouTube was not indifferent to the events happening in the world. As it is known, the coronavirus has spread around the world.

The Rewind video, prepared at the end of last year, had 108 million views, 3.4 million likes and 9.2 million dislikes. This number of dislikes had become normal for Rewind. This video featured the most liked videos of 2019.


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