YouTube Enables Filtering to Include in Subscriptions


YouTube continues to gain new features every day. With the new update to the Android version of YouTube, users will be able to filter the content they want to watch among the channels they subscribe to with one click.

YouTube is a bottomless well, so you may have trouble finding the videos you want from time to time. With this new update, YouTube provides a great convenience for users. Users can now filter through certain options by going to Subscriptions in the YouTube app.

How will YouTube’s new filtering feature work?
As you can see in the image above, when you come to the Subscription section on YouTube, you are faced with a filtering option. You will be able to find the videos you are looking for more easily thanks to the filters you make here.

Some filters set by YouTube include ‘Today’, ‘Keep Watching’, ‘Not Watched’. Thanks to this filter, users will be able to distinguish what they watch from the channels they subscribe to, watch the videos they abandoned, or easily access new videos published today.

YouTube has already introduced filtering on its homepage and allowed you to switch between the most popular topics. To do this, you need to enter your Subscriptions page and tap on the filter option. Of course, to use this feature, you need to have the latest YouTube application. If you haven’t yet received an update to the YouTube app on your phone, let’s add that you can get it in a few days.


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