YouTube: Ease Of Channel Name Change For Producers


YouTube makes it easier for producers to change the names and profile pictures of their channels. Producers will be able to update the channel name and picture from within YouTube. These changes will only affect your profiles on YouTube.

Until now, content producers had to change the names and icons for all Google accounts whenever they wanted to change the name of their channel. Thus, their name on YouTube would be the same as the name they emailed from Gmail. This didn’t make much sense from a branding or professional standpoint. The new system will offer a bit more flexibility for content creators who may choose to send their email newsletters with their real names rather than their channel names.

However, there is an important warning regarding the new feature. Creators with verification badges will lose their check marks if they change their name. YouTube says creators will need to apply to get the badge again.

Both personal and brand accounts will be able to use the new channel name change feature. YouTube says the feature is “the most requested request from creators” and will be available starting today.

How to change the channel name on YouTube?

On the desktop, you should go to YouTube Studio and choose Settings from the left menu. Then you need to go to the Channel section, then you can change a channel name and image by going to Customization under the Basic Information and Branding tabs. On the mobile device, you need to tap on your profile picture, then your channel, and then click on “Edit channel”. This change does not appear to be active on our channel yet, but we anticipate that this opportunity, which has been introduced gradually, will be added soon.


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