YouTube Deletes Joking Tweet and Apologizes


YouTube posted a joke on its official Twitter account last Saturday, then apologized by deleting the Tweet it posted. In the apology statement, they stated that their goals were good, but they crossed the line.

There are some rules that content producers must follow on YouTube, the largest video viewing platform today. One of them is the video length, which is very important especially for those who earn YouTube revenue.

YouTube reduced the requirement for content producers to shoot videos of at least 10 minutes in length to 8 minutes in order to place ads on videos. In other words, content producers can earn more revenue from ads by shooting longer videos. Of course, in order to add ads to videos, producers must first complete 4,000 hours of watch time.

YouTube apologized

YouTube had made a joke to its creators in its tweet, which you posted on Saturday and you can see above. However, this post from YouTube’s Twitter account received negative reactions from many people, especially YouTubers.

One of those who reacted to this post by YouTube was Amazon Studios Strategy Manager Matthew Ball. “It’s like letting her daughter not by her grades, but by how many hours she’s worked, and then complaining that she worked too hard,” Ball said, taking a screenshot of YouTube’s Tweet.

YouTube later deleted this Tweet and apologized for the post. The platform, saying that the Tweet was deleted afterwards, was sent in good faith, and stated that they crossed the line. However, not everyone was angry with this joke. There were also YouTubers who said that the joke was funny. Well, what do you think of this joke? Do you think it’s over the line or has it been overreacted?

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