can now be installed as a web app


We know that Google has already transformed several of its streaming services into web apps (Progressive Web Apps, or PWA) such as YouTube Music, YouTube TV and now, the most recent one to join the list was itself YouTube (which won support for HDR playback on Xbox)

In other words, can now be added to your PC or Mac home screen. For now, PWA access only appears to be available to some users through Google Chrome, where a “+” appears in the address bar a question whether or not the user will choose to install the app.

When pressing and installing, YouTube is immediately added as an application, however, it still depends on Chrome to run (if the browser is closed, the app is also closed).

After installation, YouTube appears as a dedicated app in the Launcher and can even be placed on the taskbar or dock (in the case of macOS).

The launch of this PWA version of YouTube will deliver an interesting user experience for platforms such as, for example, the already leaked Window 10X, which will be relied heavily on PWAs in its operation.

In addition to YouTube, Music and TV, we can also find services from the Mountain View giant like PWAs on Google Drive, Photos and Messages.

Have you already installed YouTube PWA on your PC or Mac? What did you think of the usage experience so far? Share your opinions and experiences with TudoCelular in the space below reserved for comments!


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