YouTube Channel Trying to Cook Food on the Processor


A Japan-based YouTube channel tried to cook the egg placed on a metal container on the processor. After a while, seeing that the egg was cooked, YouTuber showed once again how much a working processor is warming up.

It is an indisputable fact known by many people that there is heat where electricity is available. When computers come into play, this temperature can exceed the expectations. This is the main reason for the cooling systems already added to the processors. Processors with high power consumption are warming up after a while and need to be cooled.

On online video platforms, you have occasionally coincided with food cooked on processors. In fact, as the Webtekno team, we tried to cook sausage on a working processor on time and shared it with our valuable followers that such a thing really existed. Now we are here with such a situation. But this time, let’s say in advance that the work has been exaggerated a bit.

A Japan-based YouTube channel is trying to cook everything you can think of on the processors. One of the ingenuity of the channel that managed to cook steak, bacon and even coffee over the processors in the past was cooking eggs. Placing the egg placed in a small metal bowl on the processor, YouTuber succeeded in cooking this egg after a while.

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