YouTube changes your video quality preferences on your app


YouTube: It has never been so easy to watch videos related to a specific interest on YouTube. In the video social network if you have seen a lot of changes over the life and one of the most notable ones you have to see with your quality preferences that on the best viewed soil, you could also end up with the mobile battery or your tariff of data. For this reason, YouTube has developed new quality preferences in its app.

Llegan new settings for the YouTube app

The quality of the video has evolved a lot over the years. I am sure you have planted before the image section of an electronics store and have seen the good that some panels can be seen. All the fun is getting better and better in chambers, but this feeling has also been changing the quality of a YouTube video. And you can see the difference between the low definition of HD and even this HD definition.

But of course, when you have a change of this type you notice it on your smartphone. And it’s worth it that you’re connected to a WiFi network, otherwise your data rate and your battery will get lost. But this will no longer be a problem when using the new quality preferences on the YouTube app.

It seems that the company will consider its application in new options so that it can provide the best configuration for your mobile. This will affect the quality of vision, but it also has repercussions on factors such as the case of data and the battery. And with this in mind, we will have new configurations that will prioritize these constants. Now, from the divisions: the first one will activate only with mobile data and the second when you are connected to the red WiFi.

In both cases, they are three different divisions: data storage, best video quality or automatic. By default it will be the latter that dominates, but it will depend on the needs of the users when sacrificing data, when prioritizing the battery and the quality of the video.

More news for YouTube on the way

YouTube wants to see new features on your smartphone app. Also, this is what Android Police does, but there are other news on the way. One of them is the division between the Google profile and the other app. Also look for ways to make recommendations according to the products you see on your videos, something that will also change the direction of the app to make shopping easier for users.


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