YouTube Changes Its App To Compete With TikTok


Using the Shorts feature as a rival to TikTok, YouTube is making various changes to make this feature stand out more. One of these changes was in the icons on the home page of the application.

When TikTok remained almost unrivaled in its field for a certain period of time, various social media platforms that wanted to get a share of this cake started to develop their own services. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts were two of the best known examples.

It is not possible to say that these moves dealt a heavy blow to TikTok. The platforms did not get exactly what they wanted in this regard. YouTube has decided to make some minor changes in this regard.

The change from YouTube to highlight Shorts videos

YouTube, who wants to watch Shorts videos more, replaced the Cast icon at the top of the application’s home page with the Shorts icon. When this was not enough on its own, the Shorts icon was moved to the navigation bar at the bottom.

The change to the icons in this bar at the bottom is seen as YouTube’s new way to highlight its new service. YouTube Shorts, which has been in use for a while, seems to insist on promoting Shorts for content production.

Of course, it is not known whether this change made in YouTube’s application will be offered to all users. These changes are being tested with a limited number of users. Based on the feedback from users, it will be decided whether we will see these icons in the application in the future.

So, what do you think of YouTube’s Shorts service? Do you look at the content shared in this section? Could the change to the icons help YouTube gain the attention it wanted? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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