YouTube Changed Twitter Username to ‘Troll’ U.S. Presidential Candidate


As the elections are approaching in the USA, presidential candidates are facing in open sessions. While one of the last sessions faced Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, a word from Sanders offered YouTube a golden trolling opportunity.

The word ‘The’ in English has no equivalent in Turkish. ‘The’ actually indicates a certainty or state of being defined. For example, everyone knows which ring is mentioned in the Lord of the Rings series. Therefore, the name ‘The One Ring’ given to the ring is translated as ‘Single Ring’.

This prefix, which also resembles the adjective in us, makes changes in the sense. Let’s say you are waiting for a bus, the bus is far and you could not read its number. That’s why you said “I saw a bus”. If the bus was a little closer and you had the bus you expected, you would say “I saw the bus”. We explain these because YouTube’s troll initiative is exactly about this.

Interesting mistake from Bernie Sanders:
Vermont senator Bernie Sanders used an interesting statement in his presidential debate, which was also included in the statement on his social media account. The use of the phrase “the YouTube” in the statement was suddenly on the agenda because ‘no’ is not put in front of the special names, which is already one of the special names. So things like ‘The YouTube’ or ‘The Webtekno’ are often wrong in terms of grammar.

The mistake, which was not corrected by Bernie Sanders’ social media team, suddenly became an agenda on the Internet. YouTube did not miss this opportunity, which was presented in a golden tray, and it changed its name to The YouTube on its official Twitter account.

Sanders is at the center of the jokes:
Bernie Sanders’s fundraising efforts have also been the subject of jokes called ‘meme’ on the internet. In this case, Twitter users made The YouTube statement a joke.

One user said that Sanders was trying to reach the elderly by saying “the YouTube”, while another said that the platform was formerly called The YouTube, and became YouTube on the advice of Justin Timberlake.

Bernie Sanders brought up this statement because of people’s statements about Joe Biden’s cutting social rights. In the statements made by Joe Biden for the budget cut in 2007, he said that the videos he said would cut social security expenses from the budget were included on YouTube first.


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