YouTube: CEO Says Fighting Disinformation Is A Priority


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki released this Tuesday (25) a publication listing the video platform’s priorities for 2022. The executive said that community protection, including combating disinformation, is among the site’s focuses to 2022

The post comes as a kind of response, as about 2 weeks ago YouTube was accused of being one of the main sources of misinformation on the internet. In an open letter to Wojcicki, more than 80 fact-checking bodies said the service did not seriously combat fake news.

While not directing the response to the checking agencies, the director of the Google service said that she is, yes, concerned about preventing the spread of fake news. “Fighting disinformation and other harmful content is a priority. In recent years, we’ve transformed our ability to enforce our policies at scale through investments in machine learning,” the CEO said in today’s statement.

To exemplify the work, the launch of the Violated Viewing Rate (VVR) was pointed out. It’s a new metric that checks what percentage of views on YouTube come from content that violates the site’s policy.

According to Wojcicki, the rate was between 0.09 and 0.11% in Q3 2021, which means that for every 10,000 views, between 9 and 11 were videos against the rules. VVR also dropped more than 70% between 2017 and the 3rd quarter of last year, pointed out the executive.

“We are also working to reduce the content of recommendations that meet the limits of our policies, but do not exceed them. Our goal is to keep views of this ‘threshold’ content below 0.5% of views on YouTube.”