YouTube Cancels Rewind in 2020 Due to Coronavirus


YouTube announced that it will not release Rewind in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, its annual video, which focuses on the events and content creators that took place that year.

This year, a sad news came from YouTube Rewind, which has been published by YouTube in the last month of every year since 2010 and brings together the highlights of that year and popular content creators. The video sharing platform, which announced that 2020 was full of problems and for this reason canceled YouTube Rewind in 2020, published a statement on this subject from its official Twitter account.

YouTube’s statement about 2020 Rewind:

“We’ve been ending every year with Rewind since 2010: An overview of the year’s most influential creators, videos and trends. Whether you like it or just remember 2018, Rewind always meant a celebration.

However, 2020 was very different and it doesn’t feel right to continue as if it wasn’t. In short, we are taking a break from Rewind this year.

We know that many of the good content that happened in 2020 was created by you all. You’ve found a way to get people up, help them cope, and make them laugh. You have managed to get through a difficult year better.

Thank you for making a difference. ”

It has not been fully explained why YouTube made this decision, but it is thought to be due to the pandemic and other negative things happening in 2020. YouTube, which does not want to bring content producers together, especially due to the pandemic, seems to have made the most logical decision for this reason.

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