YouTube cancels 2020 Rewind for being ‘too hard’


For the first time since its debut, YouTube announced the cancellation of the YouTube Rewind of the year. After displeasing the community with lukewarm edits, YouTube Rewind has become known for bringing together the biggest creations and creators of the year in one video; but due to the “2020 difference”, the platform chose to jump to 2021.

The announcement was made through a brief statement made on Twitter. The image highlights the tradition of having released a compilation of videos since 2010, but that will not do the same this year. According to YouTube, “2020 has been different, and it would not be right to act as if it had not been” and, therefore, the edition will be canceled.

On the other hand, the platform complements the statement by thanking and extolling content creators, who, even in the most adverse situations and the pandemic that plagues the world, continued to entertain their subscribers and keep the platform active. “You really made the year a good one,” they added.

The justification given by YouTube does not seem to make much sense. As the channel presenter JerryRigEverything pointed out, the immense amount of content and the explosion of hits on the platform would be more than enough to justify the creation of a YouTube Rewind 2020.

At no time does YouTube mention that Rewind will return in 2021, if the world scenario returns to normal. Therefore, canceling this year’s edition could be the precedent for ending the platform’s tradition.

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