YouTube can get Android TV look and feel on Chromecast


Google is testing an update to Chromecast to make YouTube look like Android TV. The novelty will also make it possible to change the resolution of the videos, check statistics and even change the playlist.

According to the 9to5google website, users have already started to have access to the news. As with Android TV, the new feature will offer a screen with suggestions for other videos, as soon as the content being played ends, for example.

Chromecast has always shown videos streamed by smartphones in a very simple way. The device only loads the player and shows basic information like channel name, views and date and time.

On Reddit, some people shared images on the subject. According to them, the functions are appearing mainly on the Chromecast Ultra. One of the images shows that the new tool will also allow you to reset the app and delete your search history.

Another user of the social network said that he received the update and that in addition to the news previously mentioned, the videos he watched on TV were receiving more ads than before.

“I also tried it yesterday, but it was on the 3rd generation Chromecast, not Ultra”, revealed another redditor. Google has not yet officially spoken on the subject.


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