YouTube blocks picture-in-picture mode for iOS 14


IPhone users running iOS 14 have noticed that the YouTube website prevents them from running video on it in picture-in-picture mode. This mode is one of the innovations of the latest version of the operating system from Apple.

If you open the video on YouTube via the Safari browser in full screen mode and click on the “picture in picture” icon, the video will briefly switch to a mini-window format, but will soon return to normal. The video disappears completely if you try to switch from full-screen viewing to the home screen. Picture-in-picture mode works correctly if you pay for a YouTube Premium subscription.

Viewing videos in the background is one of the benefits of a paid service. It is noted that YouTube in Safari still correctly opens a mini-window for video on the iPad, even from a free account. On the iPhone, you can use “picture in picture” if you watch YouTube video embedded on a third-party site.

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