YouTube Bans Accounts With Possible Taliban Links


This Tuesday (17) YouTube announced that it has a long-standing policy to not allow accounts to be operated by the Taliban, which invaded and seized power over Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, in recent days. Because of this, the company said it will ban accounts linked to the group from its video platform.

The Taliban’s return to power has brought unrest around the world with its policy of cracking down on freedom of expression and human rights, particularly of women, and fear of terrorism. Therefore, social media companies were asked to position themselves in relation to the group.

When asked about bans and restrictions on the group on Monday, YouTube declined to comment on the case and said only that it depended on the US government. On Tuesday, however, the company announced that the bans are already a long-standing practice on the platform.

US-based social media companies can ban accounts and content from their platforms, as the Taliban has been considered a terrorist organization by the US government, which guides the enforcement of rules against violent criminal groups.

Facebook has already commented on the case and announced that accounts and content linked to the group will be banned from its platform and Instagram. The company also said that the restraining measures against the Taliban also apply to WhatsApp.


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