YouTube attacks the Donald Trump channel


YouTube is the latest digital platform to limit publications by the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. A video posted on the politician’s channel was deleted for violating the network’s terms of service.

As a result, the channel took a “strike” – a kind of warning from YouTube that has direct consequences on the production of content. The first strike prevents new posts for a week and, if the channel receives two more, it will be permanently deleted.

As a result, new comments on profile videos are also blocked. The official White House channel also had videos deleted by the same rating as the platform, with no further details on which clips were removed and the specific reason. Previously, Alphabet’s union, the company that owns Google and all related services, pressured the company to remove the profile.

What YouTube says

“After careful review, in the face of concerns about the potential continuity of violence, we removed new content posted on the Donald J. Trump channel and sent a ‘strike’ for violating our violence advocacy policies. (.. .) As a result, according to our long-lasting strikes system, the channel is now prevented from uploading new videos or broadcasting live for at least seven days – a period that can be expanded, “says YouTube in a note official website to The Verge.

The fight continues

YouTube’s move follows the trend of other social media platforms to promote a “digital death” of the soon-to-be former president. Twitter permanently banned Trump’s personal account, while Facebook services suspended the politician indefinitely. Parler, a social network widely used by conservative audiences, was taken down after Amazon ended server support.


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