YouTube app will get ‘sleep mode’ in the coming days


YouTube apps for Android and iOS will have notification to remind users about bedtime. With this, the feature will act as an alarm clock, in which it will be possible to configure the period in which this should occur, in addition to the automatic interruption of a video being played and the postponement of the function for 10 minutes (like an inverted “snooze”).

The alarm will be available in the account information section (just tap on the profile photo) through two specific options: “Remind me about bedtime” and “Watch time”, added to the Settings menu.

The system will come in addition to the “Reminder to pause” mode, which allows you to program the interruption of content between 15 and 180 minutes on the platform. According to Google, since the launch of this feature, about 3 million notifications have been sent to subscribing users.

These are not the only features with a focus on well-being available on YouTube, as the service also has a tab dedicated to informing, through graphics and other data, the average time spent within the app (without considering the YouTube division Music).

The bedtime reminder is a giant initiative to help users balance sleep with active time on YouTube, especially during the period of social isolation, in which this routine tends to be affected. The update will automatically reach Android and iOS devices in the coming days.


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