YouTube app design has changed! Here’s what’s new!


With the new iOS and Android YouTube application update, Google made many design changes available to users. Although there are not big changes in the new application, new designs appear at certain points. Changes have been made that improve more usage.

iOS and Android YouTube app design changed

The first noticeable change is the relocation of the CC button. In the new update, the CC button is now positioned in the upper right. However, the design of the auto-play button has also been completely changed. By removing the auto-play text, only a button with a logo has been used.

youtube uygulaması

It is stated that this change will be used on the desktop. It is possible to say that the tests are now ongoing. A new design page has been prepared for the video sections. There are listed and visual sections on this page.

Finally, a new button has been used for video direction changes. There is a button on the screen to turn the video. However, a new way to use it to exit full screen videos has also been created. It will now also be possible to exit full screen when scrolling down while the video is playing in full screen.

In addition, it should be noted that various optimizations have been made for the locations of the various buttons.


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