YouTube announces partnership with healthcare team


The growth of news and videos with false information about Covid-19, as well as other diseases, has caused the YouTube platform to make a decision that will make these fake news spreaders lose reach and the public will have access to data really correct.

This is because the company belonging to the Google group announced a partnership with a team of health professionals, where it will be possible to disseminate and increase the reach of videos that talk about issues related to the health topic that are reliable. According to YouTube, this novelty is intended to “bring up easy-to-understand medical information from some of the most respected organizations and doctors”.

YouTube’s partnerships in this mission include professionals from the American Public Health Association, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Osmosis, Psych Hub and National Academy of Medicine.

The decision ends up being a positive point, since many social networks do not filter what is being published daily, even if a large part of what is related to the Coronavirus has a filter. However, it is not just the pandemic disease that is the protagonist of disinformation and this ends up being something harmful for those who are online daily.

Within YouTube, it will be possible to target content based on conspiracy theories for the total removal of videos that deal with this type of theme. In this first moment, the team will focus on filtering videos that talk about the coronavirus, and then expand to other diseases.

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