YouTube announces new inspection feature


YouTube is expanding parental controls for teens. Moderated accounts will enable content settings and limit some features.

YouTube announced expanded parental controls for teens. The feature targets users who have exceeded the limits of YouTube Kids. The platform will release a public beta for the audited accounts feature in the coming months.

YouTube expands control mechanism

Through their supervised Google Accounts, parents will be able to choose from three content settings. When the parent wants to allow access to a wider range of videos than small children on the platform, they will be able to activate the “Explore” setting. This setting unlocks videos that YouTube generally states are suitable for kids ages nine and up. At the same time, the user will be able to access videos such as vlogs, game clips, music videos, news and educational content through this setting.

The setting “Discover More” is expressed for young people. Including a larger pool of videos, including live streams for the type of content that appears in the Explore setting, the option allows access to almost everything on the platform.

Besides content settings, parents will be able to view their children’s tracking and search history. In addition, parents can continue to enable other restrictions, including time limits, through Google’s Family Link.

YouTube plans to add more controls in the future, including the option to block certain videos.

Beyond content, the new feature will limit intermediate age and teen accounts in other ways. YouTube will not serve personalized ads or specific ad categories to this age group and will disable in-app purchases. While YouTube plans to eventually activate some with an “age-appropriate and parental-controlled approach,” some comments and creation features will remain off.


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