YouTube Ad Policy Has Changed: Here Are The Details


YouTube has updated its Terms of Service. It will be able to show ads on videos of channels that are no longer in the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube, the largest video platform worldwide and the second most visited network in the world, has updated its Terms of Service. According to the updated terms, YouTube will now display ads on videos on non-partner channels.

The update in the Terms of Service was announced to users via e-mail. The decision concerns users outside of the United States. Articles about the collection of personal data and taxation under the new conditions sent by mail also draw attention.

Changes to the YouTube Terms of Service

According to the change made by YouTube, the details of the new terms are as follows:

  • Restrictions on face recognition: In the Terms of Service, it is already stated that information that can identify individuals cannot be collected without permission. Restrictions on face recognition were previously included in the terms of service. However, the new conditions make these restrictions very clear.
  • YouTube’s right to monetize: YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform, and ads may appear on videos of channels not included in the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Franchise payments and tax withholding: For content creators eligible to receive income payments, such payments will be deemed to be a franchise under US tax regulations, and Google will withhold taxes when required by law.

The new Terms of Use will take effect on June 1, 2021 for users living outside of the United States. Those who continue to use YouTube after this date will automatically be deemed to have accepted the terms. The same will be true for YouTube Kids.


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