Youth actors that you will fall in love with and must know


Youth celebs have stolen the movie and television screen with their characters in series and movies, many of them still very young and enjoying success in their 20s.

Some have risen to fame with one or more projects, but have had various appearances in the theater, series, movies and more. Many are a promise of great talent and seek to have a place in the industry, in addition to being models for campaigns of renowned fashion or male beauty brands.

If you want to meet your new celebrity crush, we leave you a list of 8 youth actors that you should know and that you will fall in love with with their personality, charisma and great attractiveness, you can also meet some of their works to discover why they are currently the fans’ favorites .

Tom holland

The actor rose to fame with Spiderman, conquering more than one fan with his personality, physical attractiveness, and talent. Although his first protagonists are with the arachnid, he has participated in other movies that you should know.

He is a promising star in the film industry, even his next project is a video game-based film called The Uncharted. ”

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

The Briton rose to fame with “After”, a movie based on the Anna Todd literary saga. The celeb is set to debut the sequel to this story and has won fans’ hearts with its talent, accent, and fun personality.

Among his works are Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince mystery, where he played the children’s version of Tom Riddle. His most recent project was in “The Silencing”, where he demonstrated his ability to play with emotions.

Marco The Kissing Both 2

Him real name is Taylor Perez, her mother is Mexican, so she has Latin descent. Since he was little he showed great interest in acting and theater, many fell in love with him after the premiere of the sequel to “Stand of kisses”, among his works is the series Embeds, he is 28 years old and his idol is Selena Quintanilla.

The actor has shown to have great chemistry with Joey King, there are even rumors that the movie’s love triangle moved to real life.

Timothée Chalamet

He is one of the youth actors of the moment, he is 25 years old and has conquered fans with his talent and mysterious personality. Among his works are “Call me by your name”, “A rainy day in New York”, the remake of “Little Women” and “The King”, among others.

Dylan Minnette

He is known for his role as “Clay” in 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series based on the book of the same name. Among his projects are “Open doors”, “Do not breathe”, “Let me in” and Alexander and a terrible, horrible, bad day … very bad!

He has won the hearts of fans with his talent and shy personality.

Cole Sprouse

She rose to fame with him twin brother Dylan with “Twins in Action,” a Disney Channel series that fueled him career at an early age, and has since become one of the youth celebs of the day.

Among his works are “Riverdale”, “A great dad,” 2 meters from you “and a crossover with” The Wizards of Waverly Place “.

Noah Centineo

It is one of the best-known celebs of youth comedies, rose to fame for various projects with Netflix such as “To all the boys I fell in love with”, “The perfect date”, “Sierra Burguess is a loser”, “Swiped” , among others.

It is characterized by having a fun and unique personality.

Gavin leatherwood

He is known for playing Nicholas in Netflix’s “The Hidden World of Sabrina” Series, the actor managed to conquer fans for his great chemistry with the protagonist, a series that propelled him to fame and with which he managed to conquer many fans .


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