“You’re a threat, lol” — Fans Go Crazy When Cardi B turns on Her Joe Goldberg Mode For The 4th Season of The Series “You” on Netflix


One of the most exciting and mysteriously amazing series, Season 4, has just been released on Netflix. Watching Joe Goldberg embark on another crazy journey has excited fans. However, fans are more excited about Cardi B and her recent post about the series. Since Cardi B has a long association with the Netflix Original show, her recent post made the entire fandom go crazy for the singer.

Since the first season of the show , Cardi B has been associated with him . Not only because of her friendship with Penn Badgley, but also because of her music, Cardi B has been a part of Netflix Original from the very beginning. Fans love this friendship between celebrities and want to see more. As if the fans’ wishes were Cardi’s order, she gave them more. When the fourth season of the drama was released on the streaming giant, the American rapper changed the image on the screen.

You forced Cardi B to change her Twitter image

Their online friendship was strengthened when Penn Badgley talked about the 30-year-old rapper’s music. In 2019, Penn Badgley praised Cardi B and her music. When the clip went viral, the rapper tweeted very excitedly, exclaiming that he knew her. However, this time the “I Like” singer posted a photo of Joe Goldberg, the main character of the thriller show, when she changed the image on the screen.

When Penn Badgley and Cardi B first communicated with each other by retweeting tweets, fans wanted Cardi to appear in the fourth season. However, even if this did not happen, the rapper and the actor seem to have a strong relationship. When the singer changed her avatar, the fans went crazy.

Fans reacted to the picture as if they were waiting for the rapper to do it. Although fans also liked the friendship of these two A-list celebrities. In the first season of the show, when Joe was cleaning up the murder scene, Cardi B’s song “I Like It” was playing in the background. The fans remembered it too.



Although fans admired the “WAP” singer, they also wanted her to be in the show. However, the second part has not yet been released on Netflix on March 9, 2023. Therefore, fans are still hoping to see their favorite singer in their favorite thriller.

Until the second part of the show comes out, share your favorite moments of You in the comments box below. If you haven’t watched it yet, stream the series on Netflix.


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