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The fact that nowadays our mobiles have become pocket photo cameras, we have thousands of photos in the gallery. In many cases, the gallery is usually the most private part of a person’s mobile, since very personal photos can be stored in it. That is why we must protect access to our photos. In addition, each of the snapshots includes metadata that can also reveal other private information in addition to the visual one.

The truth is that today it is easy to protect access to our gallery if someone manages to access our mobile, however, it is important to control which applications can access them. If you are an iPhone user, we are going to show below how to see which applications installed on your mobile have permission to access your photos.

When we install new applications on our iPhone, the usual thing is to accept all the requested permissions for its correct operation without stopping to read what we are accepting. This can make certain applications have access to the gallery of our mobile and all the photos stored in it.

How to control which apps have access to our photos
Luckily, from the iPhone settings it is possible to know which applications can see our photos. For it:

Enter the Privacy option

Tap on the Photos option, this will show you a list of applications installed on the iPhone that have requested permissions to access your photos.
Next to each of these applications you will be shown the specific type of access, being able to modify it at any time if you touch on this option. You will automatically be shown three options:

– Selected photos: The application will only be able to access a set of photos that must be selected manually.

– All photos: The app will have access to all the photos saved on the mobile.

– None: The application will not have access to any of our photos

To change this setting, just touch on this information and select one of the three alternatives mentioned. In this case, if you want to protect your privacy and prevent the apps installed on the iPhone from having access to the images in the gallery, you must select the None option for each one of them.


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