Your personal One Punch Man character (based on your zodiac sign)


With a world full of unique and idiosyncratic heroes, it’s no surprise that One-Punch Man has more than its share of iconic characters. Although, of course, there has never been much debate about who is the strongest in the series, every fan has a favorite character who they hope will really get a chance to prove himself before Saitama inevitably intervenes.

But while it may be the main warriors like Genos or Garou, Vanpanchman has a huge cast that has even more to offer, and it will be good for fans to get to know them on a personal level and get the most out of their incredibly compelling portrayals. That’s why Screen Rant assigned each zodiac sign one character, defining them by features traditionally associated with their symbols.

While there are several One Punch Man characters who can represent each of the twelve characters, some of them are perfect for the role, offering an obvious point of connection for fans who may not have looked in their direction yet, or for those who just want to dig into this compelling cast in a new way and their wild, often parodic power.

Aries: Garou

Creative, competitive and purposeful Aries is a natural leader of the Zodiac. Their enthusiasm leads not only to their success, but also has a positive effect on others. However, their need for recognition can often lead to conflict. Garu is perhaps the most competitive character in the manga. He lives to compete and defeat those who call themselves heroes. Supremely confident in his abilities, he is not afraid of anyone in battle, and even when he fails, he rarely blames himself. However, when he is not fighting heroes, he is very loyal to his students.

Leo: the child Emperor

Charismatic, energetic and immediately attractive, Leo easily attracts friends and followers. However, despite their popularity, being one of the most generous zodiac signs, Lions are always ready to provide themselves and their resources to others. The downside is that with all the attention they attract, Lions sometimes believe too much in their own advertising. Popular despite his youth, capable and the natural leader of the set of S-class heroes, the Child Emperor is the perfect Lion. Calm and confident in battle, he always gives priority to helping his fellow heroes, although his pride can sometimes interfere with this effectiveness.

Gemini: Sonic at the speed of sound

Smart, humorous and chatty Gemini are multitasking, change—hungry “socialites” of the Zodiac. Quick mind, manners and reflexes, Gemini are always on the move and can consume and process more information in a shorter time than any other sign. No one exudes an airy, but the Twins’ intellectual approach to life is better than the extremely gifted Speed-o’-Sound Sonic. Focusing on the speed of thought and action, Sonic is constantly in search of new information that will help him to be better today than he was yesterday.

Cancer: Genos

Known for their empathy, intuition and caring instincts, Cancers often play the role of a responsible guardian. Indeed, due to their sensitivity to others, people naturally want to be with them. However, relying on emotions can often lead to capriciousness, which can cause interpersonal conflict. Restrained, but intensely protective and respectful towards Saitama, Genos, a cyborg, shows all the typical features of Cancer. Stable in his work, but sometimes slow to adapt, Genos is sometimes capricious, especially when Saitama spends time with people who do not have a positive influence on his mentor, and relying on his emotions can sometimes cause him trouble.

Taurus: Saitama

Ambitious by nature and not afraid of the hard work necessary to achieve their goals, those who were born under the sign of Taurus have the deepest reserve of willpower among the Zodiac. Reliable and friendly Taurus is best known for his stubbornness. The origin of Saitama is the classic journey of Taurus. That is, once deciding to become a superhero, thanks to willpower and hard work, Saitama did what was necessary not only to become a “superhero”, but also to become the best superhero of all time. Saitama, known for his stubborn reliance on “one punch,” demonstrates the obvious trait of Taurus, which is that he does the job efficiently, regardless of what he actually refers to.

Capricorn: Tatsumaki

Devoted, purposeful and disciplined are three words that characterize Capricorn. Indeed, a serious Capricorn applies these traits in all aspects of his life, be it work or pleasure. So far, this leads to success.