Your personal Dragon Ball character (based on your zodiac sign)


With a huge set of Dragon Ball characters, there is a hero for everyone. While the main warriors like Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo are the center of the story, they are supported by many different personalities, and each fan has a secret favorite that they think should get more attention.

Presenting these characters as zodiac signs, which traditionally represent their most notable qualities, is a great way to explore the huge cast and maybe even find a new favorite. Although there are several Dragon Ball characters who can represent each of the twelve characters, some of them are perfect for this role, offering fans an obvious point of contact.

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That’s why Screen Rant assigns each Zodiac sign its own Dragon Ball hero, giving fans the opportunity to discover a connection they may not have suspected, or simply claim heroes with whom they already feel an inexplicable connection.

Aquarius: Piccolo

Aquarians are often called unique, creatively eccentric and independent. No character fits this description better than Piccolo. Often found doing his best for his own company, Piccolo dances (and fights) to the beat of his own Namekian drum. Possessing both his own personality and the remnants of his father’s worldview, Piccolo demonstrates Aquarius’ belief that no one is the same person today as he was yesterday. Moreover, the Aquarian sense of social justice is repeated many times in Piccolo’s choice to fight for a just cause rather than remain obedient to dogma.

Pisces: Shenron

Like Pisces, Shenron is a wise and sensitive soul who benefits anyone who seeks his help. Known as creative, intuitive and deeply sensitive to anyone who calls him, Shenron not only “fulfills” the wishes of the Dragon Pearl, but also an informed adviser who, like Pisces, has a deep, sincere understanding of the cosmos and is happy to use his knowledge and intuition to make a wish so that it brings the greatest benefit to the performer. A natural therapist, Shenron is always ready to help others realize that life is much more than what they see.

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Aries: Fraza

While Frieza may be mistakenly considered a Scorpio, a much more accurate description is Aries. Considered the leader of the Zodiac, Aries is bold, energetic, innovative and is never afraid to overcome any obstacles on the way to enjoying life. These characteristics are evident in Friese with his natural confidence, leadership abilities over the Saiyans and his willingness to accept any challenge, especially one that gives him the opportunity to demonstrate his physical prowess. Unfortunately, Friza usually prefers to use these characteristics in the name of evil.

Taurus: Granola

Taurus, the most hardworking zodiac sign, is known for its reliability, trustworthy and ambitious. No one embodies these characteristics better than Granola. Focused since childhood on revenge for the eradication of the Cerealian race, Granola demonstrated exceptional determination, willpower and stubbornness, so characteristic of Taurus. Granola is extremely devoted to those who have the honor to become his friends.

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Twins: Gogeta and Vegito

Versatile, dynamic and extremely adaptable to any situation, no other characters convey the chameleon-like energy of the Twins better than the merged twins Gogeta and Vegito. Powerful individually, but divine in combination, Gogeta and Vegito perfectly express the Gemini principle: “two heads are better than one”, especially when it requires the ability of Gemini to change their thinking depending on different goals and focus all their energy on short but significant periods of time.

Cancer: Gas

Gus’s “first come, last go” mentality when it comes to protecting his family is a classic Cancer persona, putting family and friends above all else. In addition, Gus’ quiet, almost shy nature reflects Cancer’s way of thinking, allowing actions to speak louder than words. Perhaps the most telling is Gus’ temperament. Like Crayfish, Gas is very sensitive to its mood. In fact, depending on whether the bandages are removed from his head, it can lead to fits of rage that will make him one of the strongest fighters in the world.

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Lion: Vegeta