Your personal character Naruto (based on your zodiac sign)


With a huge set of characters Naruto there is a hero or a villain for everyone. While the main warriors, such as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, are the center of the story, they are supported by many different personalities, and each fan has a secret favorite that they are always happy to see.

Presenting these characters as zodiac signs, which traditionally represent their most noteworthy qualities, is a great way to explore the huge cast and maybe even find a new favorite. Although there are several Naruto characters who can represent each of the twelve characters, Screen Rant has chosen the perfect representation for each, offering a new way to see the cast of the series.

Franchises such as My Hero Academia offer fans official characters based on their zodiac signs, looking at the stars is a fun way to forge new connections with Naruto actors and find out how the diverse cast made the series such a breakthrough hit.

Aries: Kaguya Otsutsuki

Dynamic, strong—willed and deeply convinced that her role in life is to lead others to the promised land, Kaguya Otsutsuki is the definition of Aries. Indeed, with the characteristic confidence of Aries, the bold and purposeful Kaguya did not miss the opportunity to take over the management of Otsutsuki’s operations on Earth. Moreover, no Aries will miss how she used this role to rule the Earth for a millennium. Perhaps her sons should have thought of a different approach to avoid the iconic character of Aries when they tried to stop her reign. But once they did, she never hesitated, doing her best to succeed.

Taurus: Naruto Uzumaki

If Naruto is anything, it is unshakable and resolute, like a bull-Taurus. Orphaned, ignored and ridiculed, Naruto directed his Taurus willpower not only to become one of the best shinobi of his generation, but also to be appointed the Seventh Hokage of the Village of Konoha. Never wanting to stay in an unhappy or unsatisfactory situation, but equally unwilling to change his course of action after he has chosen the path, Naruto never waveres in his goal of being the best, even when it means extreme struggle. His stubbornness was also a key factor in saving Sasuke from himself and returning him to the favor of the Konoha community.

Gemini: Sasuke Uchiha

Creative, inventive, and arguably the Zodiac’s best multitasker, Sasuke is a Gemini paragon. The ability to be attractive and aloof towards different people, as well as to be happy and sad, upset and calm at the same time are excellent examples of the elements of the Sasuke Twins, as well as his adaptability. Although Gemini is deeply interested in communicating and communicating with others, the normal way Gemini interacts is more rational than emotional. This was usually demonstrated in Sasuke’s interaction with Sakura. Although he cares about her, his typical “at arm’s length” approach is almost the opposite of her need for a more emotional response.

Cancer: Sakura Haruno

Deeply sensitive, but unwilling to casually show her vulnerable side to others, Sakura is the quintessence of Cancer. Indeed, Sakura’s naturally shy approach to courting Sasuke was a classic Cancer, as was her emotional and protective nature towards him once the connection and relationship are realized. Indeed, there is nothing more frightening than Cancer protecting its loved ones. Astute, inventive and innovative, Sakura was the “brain” of Team 7, even if Naruto and Sasuke didn’t know it, and often, as she proved in the battle with Kaguya, was the difference between the team’s success and defeat.

Lion: Kurama

Widely known as the “king” of tailed beasts, Kurama is a pure Lion. Kurama’s majestic mind, appearance and attitude, self-confidence is not only present in himself, but, as in the case of Leo, she tends to inspire those who see her. In fact, if it weren’t for Kurama’s presence in Naruto, it’s unlikely that the titular hero would be the shinobi, leader, and person he is today. Like Leo, Kurama sees the big picture and is not averse to pushing Naruto when the potential for success is obvious. Moreover, as soon as he contacts Naruto and accepts him as a friend, in the pure Leo style, he is ready to give all his strength to succeed.

Virgo: Tsunade

Critical, straightforward, but with an unyielding desire to help others, Tsunade is the definition of Virgo. Moreover, any Virgo easily recognizes the treacherous orientation of the sign to health, improvement and hygiene in the character of Tsunade. She is one of the most gifted ninja medics in the history of Konoha Village, and her accuracy has saved many lives. Perhaps the time when she served the Hokage speaks most about Tsunade’s attitude to the Virgin. Being smart and determined, like any Virgo, she never made a decision without knowing all the facts, or at least all the available facts.