Your mouth says a lot about your personality


They say that the fish dies through its own mouth, that is, everything we say can condemn us or make us get what we want.

The lips are one of the facial features that attracts the most attention, the smile says more than a thousand words, so people believe that our mouth is an important sign for our expression, it can even define our work success or love life, as they usually being attracted to a certain type of lips.


According to some surveys, a smile is a very positive thing for us, do not have a long or serious face if you want to inspire confidence. It is believed that the lips are an important part of beauty related to sensuality, for something kisses are one of the most frequent signs of affection, many even dream of their first kiss and the image full of magic and butterflies in the stomach.

The lips have countless nerve endings that provide us with great satisfaction when receiving a kiss, they also help us to communicate, but their shape and size also hide secrets of our personality and our way of acting. Find out what kind of lips you have and what they say about you. Your mouth doesn’t need words for people to know you.


Normal lips

Not thick, not small or thin. If you have this type of mouth, your personality is described as someone positive towards life, although that does not prevent your bad mood, you also consider yourself someone sociable and with a great balance. You do not like problems, you are calm, you like to joke and although they consider you to be conceited for being very sure of yourself, you like to help others.

Thick upper lip

You are a person who does not trust others very easily, you like to be independent and have the soul of a leader, you could consider yourself a perfectionist, you need to do things yourself so that they turn out well. You are a sociable person, but you get irritated very easily, you like to be the center of attention, but people do not know that deep down you are very sensitive, besides that you fall into conflict a lot.

Thick lower lip

You are a girl who is always looking for extreme adventures, you do not like to be stranded in one place, you aspire to big harassments, so you are very successful in life. Of course, sometimes you lack the courage to do what you propose, but you like to be free and open-minded, also, you like to be pampered and you need someone to please you 100%

Small lips

You are a girl … difficult, your character defines you as someone angry, it can be derived from your insecurity, although you remain firm in the face of life circumstances. You are also dependent, although people mistake you for a selfish being, because you always see for yourself, although you would not deny help to anyone. You are flirtatious and compassionate.

Thick lips

They are the envy of all. This type of lips defines you as a very attractive girl for boys. You have a great personality and a natural maternal instinct that makes you take care of people. You are indecisive and very sensitive, if they tell you something you can take it the wrong way. You are passionate about what you like, but you think that people cannot understand you.


V-shaped arch

If your lips have a peak at the top, you define yourself as a very loving girl, your instinct is to care for others. You are very sociable and inspire confidence around you, which is why you hate injustice. Your memory is excellent, it helps you retain things very well, you are also creative, something that gives you points if you want to be an artist in any area, yes, take care of your impulses.

Wide lips in the center

If your lips are puffy, they consider you a mysterious person, flirtatious heartthrob, but somehow you are an example to follow for others. You are a girl with a great talent to converge through words, you like to take risks and achieve what you set out to do in life, you respect the opinions of others and you have great self-control.


Thin lips

You are a very quiet girl, nothing to do because your mouth is small, but you love your independence a lot and you enjoy your solitude, because you feel at peace. Books are your favorite hobby and you have a lot of intelligence. Of course, you are too selective with your relationships, you even have a penchant for superficial things, but you like challenges and working for yourself.

Round lips

Adventure and freedom is your thing, you are an outgoing girl, you are always looking for something to do, you don’t like to get stranded. You are sociable as you talk and talk and talk, sometimes too much. Your heart plays bad plays on you, because people often take advantage of you and you don’t know how to say no to anyone.

Thin upper lip

You are a passionate person, fire runs through your veins. You are full of life, your habits are super healthy, you are successful and you know how to convince others. You always try to defend your points of view and get what you want. You are very independent, maybe that’s why your love relationships they do not work


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