Your Microsoft Phone will show your phone contacts


During the pandemic, it is becoming more and more important to easily communicate with colleagues when working from home. That’s why Microsoft is constantly releasing updates for Teams. However, the software giant is also making improvements to the ability of users to communicate using their smartphones via Windows 10 via the Your Phone application.

It looks like Microsoft is preparing a redesigned settings page within the Your Phone app very soon, as well as a custom page that shows all smartphone contacts.

What’s new for your Microsoft Phone

The settings menu of the application is redesigned and shown more regularly. Now the General, My Devices, Features, Personalization, Help and Feedback and About sections have their own menus, unlike the settings shown on a single page. My devices section also gets interesting innovations. Very soon, users who own more than one smartphone will have the opportunity to use Microsoft’s Your Phone app at the same time.

In addition, a new element is added to the application’s notification tray. The icon showing a contact and three lines point out that users will soon be able to access all contacts on their smartphones.

These two new features are also under development. It takes a little more time before it is officially available to all users.

Until then, by installing the Your Phone application on your PC and Android phone, you can perform tasks such as replying to your messages from your computer, accessing photos on the phone, mirroring the phone’s smartphone to a Windows 10 PC, and making calls on the computer.

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