Your kids will use Apple Pay with this new feature


Maybe as a child you were given a small payment every week to do whatever you wanted with it. They could also give you money to do a little shopping or other errands, but this has changed over time. So much so that Apple wants to give it a technological touch to the point of using Apple Cash Family to send money to your son and have her pay for Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay through Family Setup is possible

Yesterday was a big day for Apple. Those of Cupertino presented some new products, although more than one missed the presence of the iPhone 12. But this does not mean that there were no great news, including the presence of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Watch SE. The latter is focused on providing all the possibilities of the wearable at a lower price to reach more public.

During the conference we saw that the firm presented a function to keep in contact with all members of the house, especially the little ones. Its name is Family Setup and it helps to connect your smartphone with other Apple devices that home users have. In this way you can have an activity log on your mobile of all your relatives up to a maximum of five users, but what concerns us now is another function.

Once the terminals are linked, you can see the reports that you receive from your smartphone as well as interact with them. One such method is Apple Cash Family, which would act as a wallet for a family member to use from their device. A clear example would be the one we mentioned above: the typical message that you send your son to make a small purchase.

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The operation is simple: you assign the money to an associated Family Setup terminal and he or she uses it from their Apple Watch when they have to go to the checkout. Simple, fast and without having to exchange coins with anyone, something that many will appreciate with the present pandemic.


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