Your Golden Pokemon Cards from Burger King Won’t Make You Rich


The cost of Burger King TCG gold cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game has not increased, despite the fact that many expected them to skyrocket over the years. In 1996, the Game Freak franchise was launched in Japan with Pokémon Red and Green, and two years later was released worldwide with the first-generation Kanto Pokémon Red and Blue role-playing games. The Nintendo game series instantly became a cultural phenomenon and served as an impetus for the creation of a wide range of products, including a collaboration between TCG and Burger King. Although many children in the 90s believed that Pokemon cards from a fast food restaurant chain would one day be worth a lot, gold collectibles are not as valuable as many expected.

After the huge success of the animated series The Pokémon Company decided to release Pokémon: The First Movie — Mewtwo Strikes Back in theaters in 1999. To promote the film’s launch, Nintendo has partnered with Burger King to release a line of toys. However, the most coveted collectibles in the advertising campaign were 23-carat gold-plated Pokémon cards, which were sealed inside an exact replica of Pokémon Poké Balls. Limited commercials for the movie “Mutu Strikes Back” included six gold cards with Charizard, Jigglypuff, Mutu, Pikachu, Polyvirl and Togepi.