Your April Lie Mangaka Teases New Manga


On September 13, mangaka Naoshi Arakawa published a teaser stating that he is working on a new manga, the first chapters of which will be released soon. The announcement was made via Mangaki’s Twitter account, where he revealed several other details besides the sketch of the main character and the title of the new manga, Atwight Game (note that this romanization of the Japanese language has not yet been completed, and this translation is straight from the katakana of the manga title). The post also announced that there will be a preview of the manga next week.

Naoshi Arakawa is best known for his successful manga series “Your April Lie”, published from 2011 to 2015. As a result, it consisted of 11 volumes and served as a source of inspiration for both a 22-episode anime in 2014 and a feature film in 2016. The anime for Your Lie in April has received critical acclaim and is popular among many anime and manga fans, while the manga has received praise for its plot and characters, but some criticism for its real art.

After “Your April Lie”, Arakawa released several more manga. “Sayonara”, “Football” and its sequel “Goodbye, my dear Kramer” are his most recent works, the last volume of the latter was released in 2020. Both manga were also adapted into anime in 2021: “Sayonara”, “Football” became a movie, and “Goodbye, My Dear” Kramer series.

As for the Atwight Game, very little is currently known. Even the tweet announcement Arakawa mysterious and tantalizing, ending with the words “次は如何なる物語となるのか!?” or “What story will be next?!” No information about the plot or the setting, he did not disclose, and the strange title of the manga no hints. Interestingly, the name is written in katakana, an alphabet usually intended for foreign words. What exactly “atwight” means remains to be seen.

“Your April Lie” was a romantic drama, and “Sayonara”, “Football” and “Goodbye, My dear Kramer” were sports stories. Because of this, it’s hard to even guess what the Atwight Game will be, although it’s safe to say that it will most likely take place in a normal, realistic world. Arakawa is not known for his fantasy or science fiction, but rather for his believable stories with cute characters. In addition, the released sketch of the main character looks very modern and normal.

A preview of the Atwight Game will be presented in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shounen Magazine, which will be released on September 21, 2022. Hopefully, from what comes out on this day, we will be able to better understand what to expect from Arakawa’s next project. Perhaps soon we will even get the correct translation of the manga title.


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