Your AirPods will sound better with this iOS 14 hack


If you are a staunch fan of Apple’s work, you may only trust the brand to have your entire technological ecosystem.

Therefore, it is likely that next to your iPhone you have some AirPods with which you listen to all the content that passes through your smartphone. But you may on occasion notice that one earphone sounds louder than another or find a way to set a custom minimum volume for both. If you want to achieve this, we will tell you an iOS 14 trick to make your AirPods sound better.

Set up AirPods with iOS 14

You may think that you only have the possibility to modify the volume of your AirPods through two meters: the first is the classic volume control, which you can regulate thanks to the touch control system of the devices, and with the Bluetooth control as long as it is available for modification. But both options only modify the general volume of the sound, so you will have to go to another function to control them individually.

For this we have good news since you can get the sound of your AirPods to improve with this trick of iOS 14. It turns out that those of Cupertino have added an accessibility function with which you can adjust the volume of your AirPods so that they sound more or less depending on your demands. Taking into account what we have told you before, you just have to follow the following route:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • In the Hearing part enter Audio / Visual and Headphone Settings

Here you will have an option to go directly to the Custom Audio Settings where you can fine tune the audio from the headphones. Through a simple test you can manually control the sound your ears receive and make the volume more personalized. You will have a music test and a speech test to control how they sound on your AirPods in iOS 14.


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