YouPorn and PornHub decrease the quality of their videos at the request of the government!


While we are experiencing an episode of coronavirus, the giants of the X encounter a great success. To reduce bandwidth, YouPorn and PornHub have chosen to restrict the quality of their videos.

Faced with the coronavirus, we can say, many have taken out their tissue box! And it’s not necessarily to blow your nose.

Indeed, PornHub has given access to its premium offer on its site, in order to make us forget the episode of coronavirus that we are experiencing. Enough to make people happy in this period of confinement.

Nevertheless, the networks are very busy, to the point where the giants have to operate with some restrictions. YouPorn and PornHub are no exception to the rule and set an example.

Yes, the two rivals in the X streaming landscape have chosen to lower the quality of their default videos. So they go to 480p.

This follows a request from the state. At the same time, Disney + had to delay its launch due to the coronavirus.

In front of the attendance records, it was obvious that the streaming giants react. Some have therefore opted to limit the bit rate of their videos.

But YouPorn and PornHub aren’t the only ones, of course. Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime also had to curb the quality of their content.

These decisions follow the request of Cédric O, Secretary of State in charge of digital. The goal: to limit the saturation of networks during the coronavirus pandemic that we are experiencing.

Yes, if the time is in containment, many comfort themselves in streaming. Porn or not, by the way.

Especially since PornHub has extended its free premium offer to the whole world. Enough to occupy some for a long time.

It is in any case a way like any other to pass the time, while the Covid-19 forces us to stay at home.


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