On December 10, Youngjae of GOT7 posted a very clear and forceful message against sasaengs on his personal Instagram account:

“Please, whether Korean or foreign, stop calling me.If you don’t want to see me go really crazy. They keep calling at all hours of the day, no matter if it’s day or night, so I can’t sleep and I’m going to go crazy. Concern? Do you send me a text message, send me messages from KakaoTalk and call me because you are worried about me? That gives me more stress and drives me crazier, so enough ”

After Youngjae showed his anger, GOT7 fans and the K-Pop community were present with the hashtag # JYPE_Protect_GOT7 on Twitter, to ask for the necessary intervention of the JYP Entertainment company in strategies that ensure the integrity of the idols and their groups

Shortly after JYP Entertainment released a statement in response, where they specify that legal action will be taken against those who disseminate data, make contact or filter private information of idols.

The JYP Entertainment statement says the following:

“Hi, here JYP.We have discovered circumstances of illegal behavior, such as finding out the personal information of our artists and trading or disseminating them illegally, as well as constantly contacting [artists].We announce that we will take all legal measures based on civil and criminal laws without leniency against those who show illegal behaviors mentioned above.We ask fans to actively inform us about the problem ([email protected]), as we will do our best to protect our artists as their agency.Thank you.”

This is not a new topic that Youngjae deals with, since since 2016 he has had several incidents with his harassing fans and in each of them he has written his position through messages on social networks.

The harassment and persecution have not stopped, in 2018 he returned to the harassers with two messages in different months, asking them to leave that behavior that makes him feel uncomfortable.


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